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Who has never dreamed of being guided to find good surprises during his vacations? To rediscover his region with new nice places near his home? or to give good tips to people passing by? Obviously, this already exists, by accepting to communicate personal data. What if we could do the same thing without this constraint?

geoSherpal is an ecosystem that allows you to recommend geographical locations that correspond to your interests. The specificity of geoSherpal is that it is designed to work with the minimum of anonymous data, namely the interest ratings that you decide to share with the community of "geoSherpal" users. The larger the community, the better the system is able to offer relevant recommendations.

In its own way, this application fully participates in supporting the local economy by indicating nearby centers of interest.

The geoSherpal application is :

- An application that loads points of interest (POI) from the regions you are interested in.

- An application that only saves the interest ratings that you enter.

At the beginning, the application does not know your interests, so the recommendations are generic. Then the system uses your interest ratings and those of other users to calculate personalized recommendations, nothing more.

- An application that works with the phone's position or with maps (your choice).

- An application that works in connected mode or in complete autonomy (offline, no network required).

The geoSherpal application is NOT :

- An application that records your name, first name, phone number, position, ...

You can create exploration profiles corresponding to all situations (vacations, daily shopping, walks, ...). They will be stored locally and you can use them without limit.

The points of interest (POI) are extracted from Open Street Map (OSM). Thus, anyone can decide to add or modify the points of interest using the tools provided by the OSM project.

Available régions are :

- France Métropolitaine

- Guadeloupe

- Guyane

- La Réunion

- Martinique

- Mayotte

- United-Kingdom

- Ireland

- Suiss

- Belgium

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